Massage and Skin Care for Women and Men

Certified Massage Therapist and Licensed Cosmetologists

The luxury and the serenity of detoxifying your body with massage and skin care is now available at the Filbert Bed & Breakfast.

The benefits of massage are:

The Filbert Bed & Breakfast provides a safe, relaxing environment for the ultimate massage or skin care experience. This service is uniquely designed to provide only the best bodywork techniques. Take the rare opportunity to be pampered with a special Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage, or an exfoliating facial.

The Filbert Bed & Breakfast offers a variety of other services.

Swedish Massage
1 hour
Long and relaxing strokes to relax muscles and increase circulation. Enjoy a calm, serene atmosphere conveniently at the Filbert Bed & Breakfast.
Deep Tissue Massage
1 hour
Primarily to relax muscle tension using light to hard pressure. This therapeutic style of massage incorporates stretching of tight or strained muscles perfect for the Appalachian hiker or the stressed overworked individual.
Aromatherapy Massage
1 hour
A Swedish massage is combined with essential oils to allow you a deeper form of physical and emotional relaxation. Just breathe deeply and relax.
Chair Massage
$75 for one hour
$130 for two hours
A great addition to Ladies Day Out, a bridal shower, or any special event held at the Filbert Bed & Breakfast.
Call for details.

Makes a great gift for the one you love!